CAD IBM EASYTRAX - PCB Artwork Program + Libs.


Before sending pcb files, please read Rule Z at the bottom of this page

We here at RCS are also a commercial / industrial manufacturer of general purpose boards, Single Sided, Double Sided and Plated Thru Hole. Artworks accepted are only those produced on PROTEL HST. (Tas) EASYTRAX / AUTOTRAX or converted PROTEL for WINDOzzz back to AUTOTRAX. Before sending Windozzz Binary files, please save as mode 3 , AUTOTRAX mode, as it saves me burning up time and having to convert my end, so I can quickly evaluate if the board 'can' be made.


NOTICE to all students who attend HIGH SCHOOLS / TECH COLLEGES

Please send me an email with the following information, HIGH SCHOOL / TECH COLLEGE, Full Address, and to WHOM it should be made attention to, for us to snail mail post out a few pages to your place so as to advise your teacher to use this site and freely down load the CAD software for the practical 'hands on useage' and the support 'how to ' software for electronics classes, keeping in mind IBM is the preferred medium by myself and most of industry, not MAC.

But in the real world of serious Desk Top Publishing, I hate admit it, the MAC is king.


If you need something designed for industry etc, we have experienced design contacts associated with RCS Radio who have built extensive custom LED Displays (VMS) and other software specialities, contact Maurie Garten at DIALOG Electronics (o2) 9564-3217.


protel1.gif (1.1meg) This is the freeware complete version of PROTEL's excellent IBM CAD Artwork Drawing package called EASYEDIT.exe & EASYPLOT.exe, this program is generally accepted as the defacto standard of artwork generators here in AUSTRALIA , Complete with RCS Radio Libraries and guidelines, this is the complete package, a very simple and easy to master a quality cad package. The program to use here is EASYEDIT this 'draws up' the actual artwork on the VDU, remember RED=copper = bottom layer where as BLUE is and allways will be the top layer of copper and finally Yellow is the component code Top Layer, Cyan is the bottom layer component code. Don't forget once you pkunzip, please run the batch file VGA640.


The below 2 routines are by the mentioned author, and are excellent for converting Black / White normal artworks off the printer to a reverse of White / Black, for the purpose of Direct Iron on transfer of artwork to pre-coated/sprayed copper clad material for pcb making.

 >  Herman Nacinovitch's - Final Artwork Converter - DOS.
>  Herman Nacinovitch's - Final Artwork Converter - Windows.


Special Notice : A genuine copy of the EASYTRAX "How To manual" will be available in the new year, both IBM and MAC included for a nominal cost of $10.oo. Do NOT send any money yet, watch this space in the new year for notification of ready to go. This may end up being a *.pdf file for ease of transport, it is the Original and it will include the EASYTRAX program plus RCS Radio enhanced libraries.     Please send me an email to express interest. Bob Barnes

Bubble Jet owners CANON BJ20 etc), I may have a way of printing EASYTRAX out to a bubble jet printer (of your choice), please send me an email for more info. (It does use windozzz)

lib. comps.RCSEZLIB.exe (182k) Download this file from every 6 months or so and collect the latest libraries made by RCS Radio and freely distributed to you for a better, more professional artwork generation, to be used on all EASYTRAX / AUTOTRAX (PCB) Artworks. If you have drawn any good components then send them to me for a common shareware library as I will be making a 'RCSPOOLx.LIB' lot of sent in components - send the file in by EUDORA etc, any email program, do not use NETSCAPE / MICRONET - as I do not have time to unscramble their messy way of sending files. Mark attention (Bob Barnes) "NEW COMPONENT for POOL" I will possibly change the outline to 5 thou etc. for you.

an IBM XT/AT Easytrax card outline is available free by sending me an email for it. (4044s.pcb)

Hot off the press, to get around NETSCAPES failing to send ASCII PCB Artwork files without scrunching them up, a colleague of mine recently used PKZIP and sent them over as a ZIP file, with the results, perfect, all o.k., as per request, ATTACHED 'ZIPPED UP' not INCLUDED.

First impressions using the MAC version of EASYTRAX is it looks more professional than the DOS version, but a lot slower to operate owing to the fact the mouse is the only method of use. However it can be used to make the same standard of artwork as the DOS version. Whilst all files are kept on the hard disc in "BINARY" format (useless to the DOS version) they are then 'EXPORTED' to a DOS PC preformatted 1.44meg floppy. I hate to admit it, but the MAC System (DOS) is smarter than IBM PC DOS (microsoft etc) because the MAC can read and write IBM files, where-as the PC can just manage it self, with a lot of coaxing, and IBM cannot read MAC.

So what you do is send me an email and ask how to get a free copy of this printed circuit artwork drawing software, (plus air mail snail mail pack and postage). You will get the EASYTRAX all pre-zipped up with MAC extraction tools provided, and you will get my IBM PC RCSEASYx.LIB's supplied as well, these are in pure IBM format (because zipping and unzipping of this causes problems (ask Vasantha)), and as the MAC can read write IBM, it is easier for you to down load my libs from time to time.

The system (DOS) my EASYTRAX is running on is a mixture of system 7.1, 7.4, 7.5, whatever.


rcs radio protel how to use text file RCSCADPH.txt Hints (90k text file) as to why certain things are done on the Board Design, correct colour schemes, layout hints this can be imported into any windozz/ascii word processing for selective bit and pieces. This file is biased from the point of view that is of many years of actual experience, not hypothetical mumbo jumbo, Protel may be the most un co-operative lot of people (term used loosely) but their products EASYTRAX and AUTOTRAX are winners and WILL make you, the small manufacturer of electronic items money. And lastly, it does appear from the 'real users ' that PfW 2.8 will be their greatest. THIS TEXT FILE WILL BE REWRITTEN FOR RELEASE AFTER June 1 1998 (I HOPE) SLIGHTLY SMALLER.

EASYQUIK.txt is a 'Quicky' get ready set of guidelines for your EASYEDIT CAD A/W Program. It is meant to get you up and going with a minimum of 'reading' , about 8k in length, giving screen colour setups, track, pad, string(text) grid size defaults etc . It has NOT been proof read by myself, so spelling errors and grammatical viewpoints are on the 'hop'. Your comments on this matter are welcome. Keyboard short cuts NOT in the manual are suggested for speed....

AMPTRACK.exe is a simple DOS program to assist in the design of artworks so you get the trackwidth and spacings correctly

3 routines for the enhancement of the EASYTRAX cad software for global changes. EASYTRAK allows the changing of all fixed TRACKS tracks within an easyedit.pcb file EASTPADZ allows the global changing of all the PADS round/square/octaganol vice versa EASYCOMP allows 'correction' of all components to common outline & string within libs.

RED2BLUE will convert all tracks placed on the Copper, Bottom side and convert to Top side
BLUE2RED will convert all tracks placed on the Top Comp side and convert to Bottom red side

BLUE2RED.txt is a text file explaining how to use, and convert BLUE tracks to RED tracks.
BLUE2RED.exe and RED2BLUE.exe are meant to fix up accidents, where the designer has started the artwork on the wrong side, that is tracks on the BLUE TOP Layer, and do an 'automatic' fix up conversion to RED Bottom layer, rather than a complete redraw.

If you want these 2 routines, then send me an email requesting a set of these routines.

The Bottom line is RCS Radio is a Printed Wiring (Circuit) Board company and as such we manufacture your designed artworks, if you want a board made from 1 to 1000 then email the *.pcb file from EASYTRAX/AUTOTRAX and ask for a quote on your artwork. If you are using Protel windozzz then save it in mode 3 (autotrax mode) then send the file by 'eudora' ..

Bob Barnes (1998)Hi, my name is Bob Barnes, ex parachute tester, lightening rod examiner, & lastly a jet engine ignitor for a large well known aircraft company. Many jobs, mostly dismissed after 18 months, good looking, modest, and now I work at RCS Radio making pcb's. A lot of background as a M/Tech. Sgt in the army/air force, designing and using printed wiring (circuit) boards for reliability under most adverse conditions. This image taken March 23 10.45pm and uploaded (untouched) 15 mins later, my mate (Ian Pollard) has a SONY 640x480 3.5" floppy disc *.JPG output, simply bloody amazing.


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Rule Z : Any Protel PCB file sent to RCS Radio should follow the following guidelines..

1. The file to be sent as a *.pcb file, NOT a windows binary file, save in autotrax mode, # 3.

2. The file to be sent as 'attached' NOT INCLUDED, we get around 30 - 40 emails a day..

3. Sometimes, depending on odd file handling ISP servers, you may have to send as a plzip file.

4. We have been advised that the new EDA stuff can export to pfw 2.8 pcb file, that is ok also.

We do not have time to un-uuecode nonsense and, included in text file, we simply delete, sorry.


Stop Press : We have been advised by cad users that the program EASYTRAX & AUTOTRAX is now available as a windozzz based program (the program we think it is called TRAXMAKER by MICROCODE), it apparently has schematic capture and other excellent features, however I must caution you that I am NOT aware if the new program is able to import/export files from the DOS EASYTRAX/AUTOTRAX packages (the original industrial standards) , therefore rendering the program as another orphan with very little support in the real commercial world. Telephone calls from us to them have not permitted us to establish a firm industrial common standard for all of us commercial pcb makers.   If anyone out there has a design, pcb file, could they please (email) forward it to me for future evaluation & compatibility. I do NOT believe PROTEL would make a non-compatable program,  but at the moment I do NOT honestly know. - Bob BARNES.

April 6th 1999